About Us

Heyyyyy! We’re Sam and Sola, husband and wife, photography and videography duo, puppy parents, and college sweethearts. We first met in a music theory class at the University of Washington, Seattle in the Fall of 2009. Sam, usually shy, finally mustered up enough courage to ask Sola for a pencil. That led to ONE guitar lesson and hours of phone calls together. After dating for 5 years, we said our “I do’s” in 2015!

After we graduated college, we had different aspirations. Sola went on to build her career in corporate business and Sam became a full time music teacher. After much prayer and a leap of faith, we both decided to quit our day-job for our DREAM JOB in 2018!

We are SO thankful to all our clients. Thank you for trusting in our vision and allowing us to be creative! You have made our dreams come true, and we are so blessed.


Our Approach


We want to hear how you guys met, the awkward first date up to THE moment you both knew this was for forever. We want to know the proposal story, the anticipation leading up to the “YES!” and all the thoughtful details. We love to know your quirks and hear about your inside jokes because those little details make you guys, YOU.

We don’t believe in the copy and paste template of wedding poses. It is so important for us to capture who you are every step of the way. It’s YOUR wedding day, and you deserve to be yourself. So let us capture the butterflies in your stomach, the sparkle in your eyes when you see your fiancé for the first time, the smooshed noses while you kiss, and the fist pump when you finally say “I do!” Enjoy your cake and “cha-cha real smooth,” because we want it all on the camera!

It’s awkward to be in front of the camera, but do not worry - we will be your hype man. Our goal is for you and your fiancé to feel at ease and bypass all the awkward moments. We will walk you through the day to make sure you don’t lose yourself. It’s a celebration for a lifetime so let’s have some fun!

SO, if want us to be your guests on your special day, let’s get to know each other. Our favorite clients are the ones that can enjoy the moment and remember the reason for the day. We love when our couples know how to have a good time and not afraid to get down and dirty!


IF YOU ARE READY TO do this thang, Introduce yourself and Let’s get started!!!


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