Brynn + Conor // Sumner, WA

When I started working with Brynn at Nordstrom about two years ago, I had no idea that one day I would be shooting her wedding! It's experiences like these that make me so thankful to be a photographer.

When I met Brynn, I was instantly drawn to her. She has one of those fun and easygoing personalities that makes you feel right at home. As a fellow Assistant Manager for the Women's Specialized Division, we spent a lot of time together at work, and became fast friends. Brynn would often mention a mysterious high school sweetheart, but it felt like months before I was finally introduced to him. When I met Conor for the first time, I felt elated. A person like Brynn deserves someone equally kind and adventuresome, and Conor certainly hits the mark. 

I remember I used to joke about Brynn getting married right away, and would tease her during our shifts at Nordstrom by saying "Why wait?!". She would always laugh and respond with patience, saying "not yet, not yet". When I found out Conor and Brynn were engaged, I couldn't help but cry with happiness! And the cherry on top was when they asked Sam and I to be their photographers (although I have to admit, part of me was a bit worried that I would be crying too hard to take photos...)

The day came, and of course, it was phenomenally beautiful. The ceremony was held at a lovely church Brynn and her family attend in Tacoma. As a wedding photographer, I have the chance to listen to all sorts of beautiful vows, but Brynn and Conor's were truly some of the most powerful and genuine words that I've had the opportunity to witness. I felt lucky to be a part of such an intimate moment. Brynn's grandmother was unable to make it to the ceremony due to health concerns, so Brynn and Conor visited her afterwards, with the rest of the family in tow. In yet another heartwarming moment, we did a first look with Brynn's grandmother. The couple was surrounded by so many loving family members- it's clear this is a close-knit and supportive family.

The reception was just as enjoyable as I would expect, knowing this fun-loving couple! Family and friends gave memorable speeches, and attendees enjoyed some tasty food and drinks. Brynn, Conor and all of their family and friends danced the night away. I was only too happy to set down my camera (after getting a handful of good dancing shots, of course) to celebrate with this wonderful couple. Cheers to them!