Alex + Erik // Robinswood House, Bellevue

Sam and I had the opportunity to spend the day with Alex and Erik in late September. They've been dating for a decade, and chose to be married on their 10 year anniversary (how romantic!). The celebration was held at the rustic Robinswood house in Bellevue, amid the tall trees and picturesque cottages. The estate is one of the oldest pioneer homesteads in the Puget Sound. It was a beautiful location with lots of character, topped off with a historical cabin built in 1884.  

Alex grew up in Washington and Erik is from California, so immediate and extended family flew in from all across the country. In a memorable moment during the ceremony, we listened to Alex's  dad give a heartfelt speech about Erik. He explained that while he already feels like Erik is family after a decade of getting to know him, making the union official was a dream come true. The moment was made even more touching by Erik's dad's which he echoed the same sentiment about Alex! It's clear that both sides of the family already harbor so much love for this couple, and are excited to welcome them with open arms.

Above all else, I was struck by how FUN this wedding was! Instead of the stress that can often accompany a couple on their big day, the bride and groom were focused on enjoying each other and their guests while having the time of their lives. The DJ was working his magic, and Alex, Erik and their guests danced all night long. I couldn't help but absorb the excitement, love and fun of the whole day. I was tearing up by the end of the night! 

Congratulations Alex and Erik!