Karman + Joey

What did we think?
After going through the walkthrough of how we wanted our wedding and engagement, we all decided that those packages fit exactly the need of what we were looking for.
We were getting married remotely, in Thailand, so the whole venue and party was dedicated for the whole day. We were able to get 1300+ photos in from getting ready in the morning, saying “I do”, and even shaking our butts late at night.
Throughout the special day, they were extremely helpful and were masterful with their selection in areas to photograph. We didn’t have to spend anytime scoping out where to go or take care of any of the work besides just… being there. SS did everything for us the day and the day of the wedding. They were also so respectful to our friends and family. I CANNOT ask for a better duo! They were completely professional and went above and beyond what average photographers would give.
After getting all of our images of the special night, I would’ve paid them more for it. THEY WERE FREAK’N AMAZING. You will truly NOT REGRET. We LOVE reliving those magical moments looking throughout photos! That day was such a blur for us and the photos was a great reminder of the love we have surrounding us.

Would you recommend them?
I would recommend them to my brothers, sisters, mother, father, friends, cousins, grandparents (would be weird if they all had to get remarried), but really, I would recommend them to any and everyone. Why wouldn’t you? I mean, my wife has shot with many photographers in the past for her job and SS are the best wedding photographers.
You only get married once. Don’t cheap out and go for novices in the profession, this is the only lasting memory of your special night. If you are going to cheap out, just ask your friend or sisters to take it for you, because your photos will look the same as someone who are not creative or as experience as SS. SS will only over deliver the best of their work and you will thank me.