R + D

And I feel like we paid the price of 2 for 1 because we had husband and wife taking pics for us, one from close up angle and one far angle. I had a lot of shitty things happening to me on my wedding and they were the one of the ppl that cheered me up, distracted me from the shitty things and helped keep me rolling througout til the end of the night. My matron of honor really likes Sola. Haha. She kept telling me “it’s amazing they just went around taking pics of people and things. Did you tell them in advanced what to take picture of?” i said “no, they just somehow know. I didn’t have to tell them much. They’re pretty good at what they’re doing.” They really know how to capture us from the best angle, they would tell me to pose certain pose but most of the time, during my wedding they just took pic at the moment. There was no staging. This is a very young couple (early and late 20s) for their field and their work was super professionally done and magazine like quality. I really admire them and their work. Check out their instagram and website. If their style fits your style, I say go for it!