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Alice + David

I want to start off by saying that Sola and Sam are hands down the BEST photographers (and the cutest couple ever). Not only are they super AMAZING at photography/videography, but what truly sets them apart is how they genuinely care about their clients and making sure they absolutely love the final product they deliver. They made each photoshoot (engagement, bridal and wedding) so comfortable, casual and fun, which was super important for us as my husband does not like getting his picture taken and is especially uncomfortable doing photoshoots in busy public areas. Sola and Sam knew strategies to help him tune out all the people/noise around him and he was able to relax and act naturally -- We enjoyed every minute of it! Also, we were very impressed by their level of professionalism - it was apparent that they hold themselves to a high standard in every aspect of their business. Not once did they make us have to question or worry about anything, we knew 100% from the get-go that our photos and videos would turn out perfectly and they did! No review could ever be enough to describe how grateful we are to Sola and Sam and how happy we are to have them as friends.

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Andrea + Brian

Sam & Sola were a dream to work with, from beginning to end. They made us feel comfortable while taking photos and often posed for us so we'd know exactly what to do. It was so great doing both the engagement and wedding with them, as we all got excited together. We felt their genuine care not only in person but through their work as well (they spent hours photoshopping my husband's hair because it was so windy on our wedding day!). Their attention to detail was so appreciated, especially when the day is so hectic for the bride and groom. While we changed into traditional Korean clothing, they completely flipped our pyebaek room, so that it'd photograph better with the light and background. We had lots of elements/transitions throughout our wedding day, with 250+ guests, and they were there to somehow gracefully capture it all. We were blown away by the sneak peeks and were floored by our wedding gallery. They have a way of beautifully capturing personalities and emotions, that make each photo special. We received photos of moments that we missed or forgot about, so it was wonderful to look through them all, a few weeks after the honeymoon. I simply don't have the words to fully express our gratitude and joy towards Sam & Sola. Continue Reading


Vivienne + Michael

My husband and I still remember vividly the day we met both Sam & Sola, it was love and first sight and we knew right away they are the one. Aside from their raving reviews, awards, professionalism, proactiveness, attentiveness, promptness and the magic of nailing every shots, we choose them because they both have the heart of gold. The love and passion they both shared is undeniably beautiful and captivating. I truly believe good photographers comes from within, the ability to capture the essence of the moment and make them stay forever.
My husband and I have never ever met a couple that made us feel this way and what an incredibly experience to be captured by them for our engagement shoot and wedding day.
Looking back at our photos made us laugh, cried and fall in love all over again. That’s the power of their photos and thank you from the bottom of our heart for making us feel this way until we are old and gray.
If you are thinking about booking Sam and Sola, you are about to experience a once in a lifetime journey from the start til the end, they will be there guiding you and holding your hand along the way! Forget about camera shy, forget about insecurities, when the day fades away, just focus in falling in love and they will be there.

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Soojee + Ian

We struggled the hardest deciding on a photographer. I wanted pictures to be classy, not too dramatic or cheesy. Although it was above our initial budget for a photographer, my fiance really liked their style (and he didn't have too much opinion on anything else about the wedding), I am so glad we went with Sam and Sola because I don't regret at all. Not only the pictures came out beyond our expectations, working with them was the best. You spend the longest with your photographers (among the vendors) on your wedding day, and I worried because I thought I was gonna die from feeling awkward being photographed. Sam and Sola made us feel like we were just joking around and having fun, so I didn't end up looking like Chandler from Friends in photos. They were professional, very considerate and sweet, and we couldn't have asked for better pictures for us to cherish when we are old. Thank you again for everything. *hugs*

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Kloey + Elvis

Besides your love for each other, the only thing that will last a lifetime from your wedding day is your photos/videos. That's why we were so lucky to have Sam & Sola capture our day for us. From our first meeting with them before our engagement session, we instantly knew that we were going to have a great time with them.
Although they've only been doing this for a few years, Sam & Sola were so professional and their photos/videos speak for themselves! They took time to know us as a couple and not just "customers", and through this journey we've become friends! How often can you say that about your wedding vendors?!
I rave about Sam & Sola to all my friends, especially those that aren't married yet ;) It takes one to know one, and I feel like that applies to capturing love. Sam & Sola are such great people, that are so filled with love, and it shines through in the pictures that they capture.
Hubby & I aren't big "picture" people, we don't take pictures often.. so we were worried about how to pose or not look awkward. Continue Reading


Reanna + Grant

Sam and Sola are amazing!! They were the first and ONLY photographers we set up a meeting with when we began our wedding planning 18 months ago. We knew immediately after meeting with them that they were a perfect fit for us and they far exceeded our expectations. They are true professionals in every sense: prompt, courteous, responsive, and caring. Their work really speaks for itself, but what we loved most about them was how fun they made the process! Being in front of a camera is not for everyone, but Sam and Sola made us feel comfortable and it really allowed our personalities to shine. We were absolutely blown away by our engagement and wedding photos! Everything looked fantastic and we were so excited and proud to share them with our family and friends. We’re still receiving compliments! It’s crazy because it felt like they were always in the right place at the right time! This was such a huge moment in both of our lives and we were so happy they were able to capture it all. They are truly incredible people who have so much passion for what they do. We love you Sam and Sola! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!


Laurel + Evan

Sam and Sola are incredible! They were, by far, the best vendors at our wedding. However, we don’t like to think of them as vendors because we feel like they are now our friends. Our experience with them was completely personalized and our photos turned out so beautiful they brought us to tears. We booked Sam and Sola two years ago (before we were engaged) because we loved the style of their work for our beach wedding. It was very important to us to have photographers we clicked with because we wanted to be at ease with them for our big day. Sam and Sola were the only photographers we met with, because they were amazing from the start! We booked them for our engagement shoot too and we were blown away with the photos and the entire experience of doing a photoshoot up in the mountains. We ended up booking wedding day videography with them as well. Sam, Sola, and their team were professional, friendly, genuine, creative, will do just about anything for their couple (in my case, grab a grasshopper out of the tulle of my dress) and are absolutely the best! They listened to what we wanted, but also took full advantage of the venue and took photos we wouldn’t have even imagined. We felt so thankful for them the day of the wedding. I recommend them to everyone I know!


Charissa + Eric

We met Sola and Sam early on when they were just starting their business. While they didn't have a big social media presence or portfolio of work at that time, we could always tell they had a knack for capturing special moments beautifully. They were professional, responsive, and were always helpful in providing advice whether it's engagement session locations or the wedding day timeline. I remember they were constantly scoping out locations for photos during the engagement session even when we were done and on our way back to the car. They were asking us if we’d be okay taking a couple more pictures because they thought this one shot would be perfect! I can't imagine having any other photographers capture our engagement and wedding day. The photos are not only absolutely STUNNING but what you can't see from their photos is how comfortable they made us feel in front of the camera. We loved our photos so much and had such an incredible experience that we booked a christmas session with Sam and Sola after our wedding. Continue Reading


Marina + Martin

When my(now) husband and I were engaged we had no idea who we wanted to capture our sweetest moments on our big day. I worked with someone who knew of sola through Nordstrom Corp and I thought “why not” since we had spoken with about 5-6 different photogs and nothing sat right. I met sola at a coffee shop in downtown and her energy was SO captivating. She was passionate about her work, incredibly authentic and had confidence to deliver what we wanted. Fast forward to a couple months after our wedding when we received a teaser video and our full photo album and I had to pull over on the side of the road on my way to an appointment because I was in SHOCK of the pure talent that had taken place. Our photos are flawless, they caught some special moments of us and our families! We are now 10 months married and our friends and family still tell us that our photos are the best they have ever seen. Not only is the talent there but they were incredible to work with. Sam and sola bounce ideas off each other, the love, support and respect they have for each other truly come alive in their masterpiece. They give 100% for EVERY SINGLE CLIENT and that’s what I appreciate. Thank you Sam and Sola for an eternal gift of your skills that our grandkids will hopefully get to see one day!

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Mary + Darryl

We cannot tell you how crazy talented Sam & Sola are! We found the perfect photographers to capture the light and love of us and when we came across them, we knew instantaneously that they were the ONE! Our first meeting was at a Starbucks (also where I met my husband, so the pairing was meant to be!) I knew then that we had an instant connection with them both and just loved their energetic vibes. Our wedding day was completely unforgettable. They captured our wedding beautifully and we have these gorgeous photos to cherish forever! Sam also did the videography and I’m still swooning from all of it, like WOW. Perfect talented DUO in photography & videography. They’re sooo AMAZING that they’re also shooting my sister’s wedding next year and I couldn’t be happier! Only the best. How lucky are we that we get to see these two again!! It’s a family affair! Thank you both for your love & making our day even that more special.


Borie + Solomon

We had our heart set on Sam & Sola from the very beginning and reached out to them as soon as we were engaged! I have to be honest, I was so nervous about my engagement and wedding photos because I genuinely don't think I photograph well and I was so worried that I was going to be disappointed with my photos. Turns out, I did NOT have to worry at ALL! We had mentioned to Sam and Sola that we definitely needed some direction because we both felt slightly awkward in front of the camera and they both made us feel extremely comfortable. They definitely provided direction but took our photos in a way that didn't feel overly posed and unnatural. We received sneak peeks just a few days after the engagement shoot and the wedding and the turnaround time for the rest of the photos was fast as well! It goes without saying that we absolutely LOVED our photos and it turns out that Sam and Sola are magicians or something because we somehow looked like a much better version of ourselves hahah

Thank you both so much <3

Karman + Joey

Sam and Sola have been more than just professionals, they have become one of our close friends. Getting married is no simple task, but partnering with SS (Sam and Sola), was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a couple!
We found them similar to what you are doing now, on social media. We were previewing and looking for a photographer who took great pride in their work and had results to show it. After reviewing their portfolio online and through social media, we knew they had the perfect eye to capture every special moment that we would encounter. We were not disappointed.
Quickly after meeting with them, we soon became close friends. Aside from the great new friendship, they were very professional and you could just tell they loved what they do. SS are so in tune with one another, they have the keenest eyes for the best shots.

What did we buy?
We went with the Wedding Package III + Adventure Engagement Package. BEST decision ever. I don’t know how anyone can get less hours or go without the bundles. Continue reading


Tammy + Daniel

My husband and I are blown away! We look through our engagement and wedding photos every day! Not only are Sam and Sola incredibly easy to get along with, but they are beyond amazing at what they do. They were the best investment we made.

To be completely honest, we had booked a photographer prior to Sam and Sola. After our “not so pleasant” experience leading up to and during our engagement shoot with our prior photographer, we decided to invest in Sam and Sola. Immediately, we experienced a complete 180 with Sam and Sola. They accommodated to our needs and took it upon themselves to carry out all the logistics. We were able to completely trust them and enjoy the process – as every couple should. Not only are they professional and communicative, but they truly value connection with their clients. They take the time to get to know clients, including their preferences and vision for their wedding. We had so many transitions and demands with 350 guests. Even as hectic and demanding as it was, we literally had the best time at our wedding.

Continue Reading

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Kerri + Damon

I spent a lot of time pouring over my review of Sam and Sola. I wanted to find the right adjectives to best describe what you would get when you hire them. I wanted to say something different from what you already read from other reviews. But all I can really say is HIRE THEM IMMEDIATELY! Besides the fact that they are professional, organized, and will produce the most beautiful picture you will ever witness, you will get the opportunity to work with the best couple! I can't rave about them enough! Sam and Sola will join you on the dance floor, get down in the dirt (literally) to get the best picture, and make sure your guest feel glamorous like they're walking down the red carpet. Till this day, my in-laws and parents are still raving about how much they love Sam and Sola for making them feel comfortable in front of the camera and bringing their fun personalities along with it. I know that in 5, 10, and 15 years later Damon and I will be sitting on a couch, drinking coffee, and looking back at one of our most happiest day of our lives and it's all thanks to Sam and Sola.


Makalah + Sam

Sam and Sola from Sam and Sola Lee Studio are truly the most talented, hard working photographers in the business! From the experience of first booking with them to planning our engagement photos and our wedding day, my husband and I felt truly taken care of and supported. Our engagement photos were so fun to take! They made us feel comfortable and confident the whole photo shoot! On our wedding day, Sam and Sola were calm and collected- which is what a busy bride and groom need the day of their wedding! They were able to instruct the wedding party and our families so well for our photos and capture the love and true happiness of our wedding day! When we received our wedding photos, we were so amazed at the quality and the moments they were able to share with us and let us keep forever. My husband and I are so blessed to have found this amazing couple- their partnership and talent are truly inspiring! Not only has their talent touched our hearts, but our families and friends as well! When other couples are looking for wedding/engagement photographers, Sam and Sola are ALWAYS the photographers were recommend!


R + D

Where should I start? Me and my husband met Sam and Sola at Roy’s cafe on Broadway. They were literally sitting next to us talking to their customer. My husband was spying their conversation (we were there picking wedding venue online). So as soon as the female customer left, my husband approached them. =))) it was pretty funny. After I saw their portfolio, I told my husband I want them to take my wedding photos. Their style is kinda vintage, elegant, romantic looking. Very nice! We booked the engagement photo + wedding photos totaling 10 hours. We were their 14 couples or sth. They just started their business at that time so my husband really wanted to support new business. Sam and Sola didn’t let us down, super responsive to our texts, very cute couple, very funny and pleasant to talk to. Their photos turned out amazing. Like magazine type. My wedding photos were phenomenal, literally it was so good. I was like wow... when I see my wedding photos. Continue Reading


Maddie + Kevin

These people are two of my favorite people on this earth!!! They were seriously the sweetest/ easiest people to work with. They made sure they got all the perfect shots, made sure we were on time with the schedule, and made sure the bride and groom were always happy!! They were so fun to work with because they literally treat you like they have know you for years and years! Not to mention they are SO TALENTED!!!!! They are perfect!! You need Sam and Sola for your wedding or engagement photos!!


Alleshia + John

We have no words for how AMAZINGLY TALENTED these two are. We are blown away and still looking through every photo over and over again! We are so amazed by everything these two did for our wedding and made the experience so seamless from start to finish! Most importantly, we felt comfortable and they understood our vision. Not only are they beyond talented, but they are super cool and a blast to be around!!! We love you guys!


Angela + Daniel

Absolutely the most AMAZING photographers and friends you could ever even imagine working with! We brought them to capture our beautiful moment in Maui and could not be anymore grateful! They went around everyday hunting for epic, secluded location spots for us so that we could have the most original, most genuine photos to always look back on to remember this special moment. We are seriously the most awkward photo takers ever and we never seem to know what to do with our hands! But Sam and Sola walked and talked us through everything! Every amazing photo that has been captured by them is seriously a one-of-a-kind moment that I don't think any other photographers would be able to capture. They are an amazing married couple that truly work as a team with cameras in both their hands, around each shoulder, on their backs, it's literally camera madness! We could not have had any better than from these two both shooting at the same time from different angles, positions, and locations! Even in the scorching hot weather with no sleep, really bad sun burns and pit stains, never once did they complain, try to rush, or make the experience a negative one. They truly are so passionate and work extremely hard to show that special moment in the most genuine and unforgettable way.

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Kaylee + Andy

Sam and Sola - where do we even start? From the minute we met them we could not stop talking. We got connected through Instagram and after many months of contact, we finally met them in person! They shot pictures for my husband and I while we were in Washington. Not only are they amazingly loving people (who truly love everyone) but they always keep you laughing. Words cannot express how incredibly gifted and perfectly placed these two are. After receiving our album we were so blown away by how much the photos showed us - it didn't feel like a posey shoot - it felt natural and fun. If we could give them more stars we would!! HIGHLY recommended reaching out to work with these sweet friends!! Definitely the kind of people you will meet and want to be friends with instantly!! 💛💛💛

Rachel + Juan

What can we say about Sola & Sam… basically they made our wedding. They were so amazing to work with from the initial emails all the way past the wedding! They are so comfortable to be around and we are so happy we booked them. Our photos turned out more stunning than we ever could have imagined and we are so happy we get to look back at all of the amazing photos and relive our wedding day!

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Esther + Sung

Sam and Sola are one of the most loving duos ever—which makes capturing YOUR love even better! They make such a great team and it definitely shows from their work. They have crazy work ethics and work really hard to capture the necessities during your big day while still having fun. From the moment I found them on Instagram, I knew they had to be our photographers. We met up with them and booked them on the spot because of how loving and REAL they were, not only as a vendor but as a married couple. They were so easy going and friendly that if we met outside of this meeting, I’m sure we can talk for hours! I cannot express how grateful my husband and I are of the pictures they provided for us and the everlasting friendship we have gained from this. 10/10 recommend!


Jordan + JR

There are not enough good things to say about Sam and Sola. They captured our special day better than we could have ever imagined and make you instantly feel so comfortable around them that you forget the camera is even there! If you have a chance to book them then you are truly so lucky and it will be one of the best decisions you could have made for your wedding!

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Trinity + Tony

Words can not even express how lucky my wife & i are to be able to find Sam and Sola. From the very first meeting to our engagement shoot, both Sola and Sam made us feel so comfortable. They both are so talented individuals that help us captured our special day perfectly. From the bottom of our heart, thank you so so much Sam and Sola, we are very so grateful for you both.


Michelle + Steve

WE LOVE THEM!!! These two are so fun to work with and just amazing people! Great vibes all around, and I think their laidback yet professional personalities truly contributed to getting some beautiful photos of both our big day and engagement session. You won’t regret working with Sam and Sola!


Marky + David

My husband and I LOVED working with Sam and Sola before, and during our wedding. Not only do they take incredible photos, but they do an amazing job making their clients feel loved, supported, and excited for the big day. As someone who's normally awkward while taking photos, the two of them made me feel at ease and natural. Having them be a part of our wedding was such a privilege, and we LOVED how our photos turned out. Their editing style is consistent, and beautiful!


Caitlin + Zack

Sola and Sam are truly amazing people! They made my husband and I feel so comfortable planning our wedding from out of state as they were willing to work with us via video chat and email whenever we had questions! They made us feel like the models during our engagement shoot and our wedding. We have really amazing photos to remember our special day with thanks to the whole team! Definitely recommend using Sam and Sola if you're looking for a photographer!


Hannah + Landon

Sam and Sola were one of the best parts of the whole wedding and engagement experience for my husband and I! We knew we both felt awkward and uncomfortable in front of a camera, but from the first moments of our engagement shoot, these two made us feel at ease and excited. I can be pretty picky when it comes to photos, but they both understood my vision and made things even better than I had hoped. My usually picture-hating husband liked how at ease he felt and how much of his personality could come through in the pictures, and now gets very excited about looking at and displaying our wedding photos. This is a team that cares about everyone they are photographing, and you can trust them with your most memorable occasions. Thanks so much Sam and Sola!!

Jenna + Joe

Sam and Sola were so easy and fun to work with. They immediately put us at ease. They were super responsive, prompt, and our engagement and wedding photos turned out AMAZING. I could not recommend them more!